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One Of My Favorite Shirts


A must have shirt in your wardrobe and it is on sale!

What’s Happening in Town

What's Happening in Town What’s Happening is COMPILED BY: Patricia Cassin LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR NEXT EVENT       Chatham’s Fine Art and Crafts Festival will be held September 13, 2015. Click here for more info.    GREAT SWAMP SCAVENGER HUNT May 9, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Helen C. Fenske Visitor Center, Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, 32 Pleasant Plains Road, […]


loaves As you walk into the basement of St. Teresa’s it’s hard to imagine that somewhere in this dark space is nutritional help for close to 60 families in Summit and surrounding towns. But then you see the shelves and shelves of food. Check out how you can help!

Childhood Sleep Apnea

Kids health,sleep apnea, snoring, disrupted sleep, learning and behavioral problems, fatigue, sleepy, tips from town

Sure, it's adorable hearing your toddler snore at night - but could this be indicative of an underlying issue?

Wrap Dresses Under $100

wrap dress

Pick up a new dress for under $100.

Crumb Cake 101

photo by Emily Doscher

You’ll have to hide this crumb cake.  Even from yourself… I promise it won’t last very long if left out (I’ve been known to double-up on the crumb topping… shhhh!)

Cheese Strata


There’s something about eggs and cheese on a weekend morning. It seems to cure many woes as well as… well? They just taste so darn good together. Bacon, ham, pork roll, steak… they all go perfectly along with cheese strata. Thanks for the recipe, Martha.

Yogurt & Granola Parfaits

yogurt, granola, fruit, parfaits, bridal

In need of a bridal shower brunch menu? Mini yogurt parfaits are just one example from Our Share of the Harvest‘s wonderfully planned menu.  Chickabug is another site with the cutest ideas in pint-sized proportions.

Lil’ Rider Wiggle Ride-On Car


A great ride on toy for your little ones. Plus, you can't beat the price.

Fighting Memory Loss

fight memory loss

You don't have to take memory loss lying down!

Spring House Tours and Show Houses 2015


House Tours offer a peek into personal residences, what better way to spend a spring day than getting inspired by beautifully decorated homes open to the public.

Host a Kentucky Derby Party

kentucky derby invite

Whether you’re in it for the ponies, the prizes, the spectacle of the hats, or the swagger of julep drinkers in seersucker suits, guarantee a good time and mint juleps for all at your Kentucky Derby Party.

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