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Bee Stings

bee stings

How to avoid bees, and treat a sting if that doesn't work.

Sloppy-Sriracha Burger

Another ultimate favorite of mine.  The combo of the spicy Sriracha with cool, creamy blue cheese dressing, along with the salty bacon, swiss cheese and caramelized onions provide an even bigger flavor to this already zesty-infused burger.  Do you need wet-wipes during this eating experience?  Absolutely.  Do you look like an utter animal while devouring this burger?  Of course you do.  Do you care?  No.  You don’t!

Zucchini & Squash “Carpaccio”

cabbage, red cabbage, braised cabbage, apple, apples

Zucchini and squash so thinly sliced we’re calling it carpaccio.  A vegetarian’s dream dish.

Tomato & Mozzarella Tartlets

Just like a warm caprese salad on top of delicate puff pastry.  Serve as appetizer or side.

More Back To School Sales

Are Heavy Backpacks Causing Long Term Pain?, back to school

Don't pay full price for your back to school shopping.

Lazy Leg Workout

move of the week, exercise,curtsey lunge, legs, glutes, outer thighs, hips, calves, quads, core, unilateral, balance, tips from town

I have got THE perfect workout for those days when it takes everything you've got just to get out of bed and moving in the morning.

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