As computer systems are continually upgraded, CDs become obsolete. Games, music, promotional DVDs, all are great craft projects in the making.

CD Weaving created by Make It a Wonderful Life blog. Artists change yarns as frequently as they wish. You can see how some of these are really 3-dimensional. The thicker the yarn and the tighter the weaving is pulled, the puffier the piece.

Recycle your old CDs into a chic set of coasters that are beautiful and useful. Crafts by Amanda will show you how.

 Here is a fun car mural made using old CD’s as wheels. Cover the openings with contact paper circles and insert brass fasteners to make the wheels turn.

 Step by step instructions for a Recycled CD Mosaic Photo Frame created by Make it Easy Crafts.

A CD disco ball requires 1/2-inch CD pieces glued to some kind of a styrofoam ball or spherical object, Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun, Wire for Hanging, Kitchen Shears. Cut CDs into irregular 1/2″ pieces. Some pieces will splinter. Discard the splintered pieces. Wrap wire around Styrofoam ball in two directions. Bring lose wire ends together and form into a loop. Glue CD pieces all around Styrofoam ball. Hang from wire.